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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Thursday, or the Day of Thurs

Ya, I know the Olympics haven't commenced, nonetheless today I think I broke an Olympic record in office. Fourth day this week without work. How do the unemployed cope???

I did, however, have stuff to do. There was this hour-long intense metaphysical discussion on mysticism, the genealogy of the Khojas, Sufism, existentialism and "How does God think?" Not a bad way to spend an idle rainy morning :)

Speaking of which, the rains are back with a bang in Mumbai. I totally adore the monsoons (except when the consequent muddy puddles splash onto my starched white trousers). The rains are sooooo romantic, everything seems so dewy green and fresh and soft. Birds chirp. The sun blushes. And it takes an hour longer to reach office. To compensate for which, I had to wake up an hour earlier than usual. Guess what? I still manage to reach after everyone else. Another Olympic record!!! Of course, hardly matters given that I'm probably the idlest person in the 100 year history of this office. Boss, if you're reading this, please stop reading two sentences back -- thanks.

Have made a very nice new friend. Today was this new friend's birthday. Tried very hard, and very unsuccessfully, to discover what this friend wants as a birthday present. Sighhh ... next year maybe ...

Have just copied the songs of Dhoom, Lakshya (phenomenal movie), Hum Tum (an even better movie) and Main Hoon Na onto my laptop. Now shall put on my headphones, hear the songs and look very intently at monitor so everyone admiringly thinks I am doing pathbreaking work. Was hearing Kenny Rogers and Jim Reeves throughout the morning. Ahhh music!!! "A magic beyond any other". Wish I could sing well. Rather, wish I could sing. My family and friends have consistently claimed that my mellifluous "bathroom singing" voice is more of "bathroom croaking". Ignoramuses!

Now am off to relax my overworked brain with a cuppa hot tomato soup. Hope kittie is there. Love her. Love all cats. And dogs. Animals are cho chweet ... "They're the beauties, we're the beasts". Truly.


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