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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Friday, or the Day of Frida, wife of Thor

Today morning started off on a pretty unique note. There was this Butterscotch Cornetto cone left over in the freezer from last nite's impromptu feast. So instead of maska pao with jam and cheese, I had icecream for breakfast today. Yummmmmy :)

Thanks to all strikes being called off and no rain today (so far), it took me only 45 minutes to reach office. Commuting involved multimode transport yet again -- auto, BEST bus, local train and foot. Time I started thinking of buying a car methinks. Indigo LE? Wagon R Lsi? Santro Xing XP? Ikon? Nah ... think I'll plump for an 800 mebbe ... they say it's the best first car ... hmmm ... dunno, dekhte hai kya hota hai ...

Boss is in Singapore until Monday. When will my foreign junkets start? :) So probably not much work in store for me until next week ... when the new project will commence and it'll be adieu to freedom and aishgiri ...

Ever since I came to know of my boss's absence today morning, have been in the midst of a sudden plan to visit my cousins in Goa this weekend. Mickey is leaving today evening ... he has a confirmed ticket ... maybe I'll pile on with him. Or maybe I'll catch the Volvo which leaves Bandra at 7 pm. Of course, that'lll mean I'll have to leave office by 4.30 pm ... of course everybody here in office will miss me terribly ... sigh ... it's really not easy being Mr. Popular ... :)

This will also mean scrapping plans of watching Naseeruddin Shah's latest play in NCPA this Sunday ... hope mum and Guru will not be too disappointed ...

Speaking of Guru, it's been nearly a month since I introduced him to Deeps. The nutcase Guru likes her, but has been too shy to even phone her once ... and Deeps likes him too, but is waiting for him to call first ... and now Deeps has been posted in Nagpur ... and her parents have invited some US returned NRI Sikh to see her :( ... Bechaara Guru! I'm really sad. It looked so good. Matchmaking can be so frustrating when the parties are interested but irrevocably shy.

Speaking of which, spoke to Khandu y'day. He wants to get married by next year, and that too only to a Khandelwal. And he wants help in the search process. Now how on earth am I gonna find a nice Khandelwal girl at such short notice? Gah!!!

Also got emails from some of my school batchmates. Wasif is marrying in December. She's a CA (Inter). Love + Arranged. And Arif Hasan is engaged to a 2nd year MBBS student, totally arranged. They'll marry after she finishes her studies. Happy happy news :))

Which brings me to my marriage. I was this happy chillax forever-single dude until a month back, when daddy on his last trip to Mumbai casually mentions that, "Suhail, you're 25, you should look at marrying before you're 30. So have you thought of the criteria you want in the girl you'll marry?" Criteria? Criteria??? Gimme a break. Bamboozling question. Befuddling. Confusing worse confounded. Khair, more on this later.

Met this amazing old man in the bus today. He must've been nearly 80, hunchbacked, skinny and wrinkled. But I fell in love with him. Totally. It was because of his eyes. They were constantly laughing, the irises looking like limpid pools of water. They shone with love and happiness, even while he was struggling to clamber into the bus. And he had such a sweet smile. Impish. Naughty yet wise. He also had an entrancing deep throaty chuckle, which he kept emitting every 2 minutes for no tangible reason whatsoever. He reminded me of my paternal grandpa. Love you lots, dadapappa. Miss you. Mmmmmm. They don't make them like you anymore.

Eyes are truly the windows of the soul. Newborn children communicate so eloquently through their eyes. So do the very old and the very sick. So do animals. Cows have the most lovely eyes. Soft, melting. Have you noticed?

Reminds me of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Afreen, the verse on aankhen. Hey, also reminds me of Cliff Richards' Lucky Lips. Such a cute song naa :)) Am hearing it now. Bliss!!!

Time to work. Canteen, here I come :)

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