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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Excerpts from my autobiography

Moi's in the mood to laugh at moi :) So here are some incidents, all true, all at various points in the last one year. Read on :)

Scene 1:

PN, TT and Suhail are sitting in the office. Suhail is working on PN's laptop, takes out "Chameli" CD from the CD drive and tries to put in a floppy !!!!!!

Scene 2:

PN and Suhail in GT Hostel room. Suhail wants to take PN's laptop for work. PN asks Suhail to carry the laptop. Suhail packs the laptop bag and goes from the room. After a while, PN calls from the room: " Abe Suhail kahaan jaa rahaa hai?? Laptop aur charger to table pe pade hue hai !!!!! "

Scene 3:

Suhail and TT in a meeting with DRDO, Jamnagar (IAS Officer). Suhail puts down his pen on the table. After a while, he wants to explain something to the officer. He takes up the IAS Officer's pen and starts explaining. TT offers Suhail his own pen to work with. Suhail does not bother, refuses TT's offer, finishes his argument and puts IAS Officer's pen in his pocket and walks out !!!! DRDO is astonished to find Suhail in his office 2 minutes later, offering his own pen back to him !!!!

Scene 4:

Suhail playing some music on his laptop (finally, his own !!!!) and is listening to some songs.
TT: Suhail, yah to Talat Mahmood hai, Manna De to nahi hai.
Suhail: Yah Manadi (Manna De) Songs kyaa hote hai !!!!

Scene 5:

PN (on a crystal white beach in Mithapur) : How are waves created?
All-knowing Suhail : Ahan ... the earth revolves at velocity v1 while the atmosphere lags behind at velocity v2. v1 minus v2 creates a friction between earth and sky. The water stuck in between becomes angry and creates waves !!!!

Scene 6:

Suhail the Logic God to PN (on the same beach) : Our feet are waterproof, right? So we cannot absorb water through the soles of our feet. That means we are not plants !!!!

Scene 7:

Suhail in varying moods ...

Stratospheric mood: "Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end."

Don't care mood: "Rafi ho ya Kishore Kumar / Ki farak pende, mere yaar?"

Optimistic mood: "Duniya mein kitni hai fight / Phir bhi end of the tunnel hai light."

Pessimistic mood: "It's sad. However much I achieve in life, I can never become a nani."


~ The absent minded professor !!!!

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