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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Silver and all that jazz

So things are finally looking up for us at the Olympics. Shooter Rajyavardhan Rathore's silver medal effort really made my day. And now Lee-Hesh are in the semis. Yippee :)

We celebrated Rathore's podium finish along with boss's b'day in style yesterday. Our HR arranged for this yummy gooey chocolate eclair cake, part of which we spread with loving care on boss's face, and the rest of which we imbibed like there's no tomorrow. (When it comes to cake, you really can't say, you know). We then bumped boss on his posterior and then, rubbing his behind tenderly, he gave his b'day speech which sounded remarkably like "I'll get back at all you miserable excreta real fast".

It's been a pretty occupying week. Friday's a holiday. Parsi New Year, and nothing can be more Parsi than us Tatas. Dunno about Saturday though. Sunday of course is Shailu's marriage. It's in Mulund, and the mahurat is 9.20 am, so will have to wake up at the ungodly hour of 7 am yet again. These alarm clocks are so ineffective. Whenever they trrriiing, the melody somehow incorporates itself nicely in my dreams, leading me to sleep even more soundly. What would I ever do without mum?

Tried out this new joint the day before. Cafe Bandra. Food 4/5 (the flavouring was amazing, really hits you, a trifle too spicy, not enough variety, though the oversize portions makes it real value for money), ambience 2/5 (the AC room was too dark -- we almost had to touch the plate with our noses to figure out whether that was tandoori chicken or paneer tikka -- and the decor was minimal), service 3/5 (we had a dedicated waiter though he was a trifle too intrusive). Overall 3/5. Not bad. At the rate at which we're trying out new foodie points in Bandra (almost two each week), I'll soon be well qualified to write a booklet on the multitudinal gastronome opportunities of the "Queen of the Suburbs".

It's official. I'm a nut. Shafs did a complete psycho-analysis of me yesterday and has realized that I'm an evil demon, but it's not really my fault because I'm demented. This expert opinion was corroborated very directly by PN and very indirectly by Coolcat who totally avoided me for nearly two full days. RS consoled me a little via long distance from Bangalore by saying I'm not totally out, I'm definitely semi-sane, and also claiming that anyone who accuses me of being fully mental must be mental themselves. I forgot to ask whether this was because they were wrong, or because everyone who tells a mad person that he is mad have to be mad in order to have the gumption to undertake such a lethal risk. Anyway. So stay away all ye innocent babes in the wood --- growf !!!

It's hoax time!!! After Sweetie, PN and Guru so successfully masterminded that attempt in June where I was the hapless victim, it's my turn now. Further details shall be disclosed in due course.

So it's almost lunchtime now, and the morning work is done, and this post is well nigh over, and none of my dearest friends are online, so let me round up TT and Akshaya and Nikhil and buzz off for tummy satisfaction purposes. More later :)

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