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Monday, August 30, 2004

Ruminating Ramblings

Ahhh at last ... a full weekend in Mumbai. The first in a month. Not bad for a change :)

Blondie had come down en route from Hyde to Ahmedabad. We had a blast sipping litchi smoothies and reminiscencing about the good ol' days, laughing about unsuccessful NID ambushes and imitating all those goofy profs (RaviC - "I am stunned by your intellectual inferiority!", AB - "Consultants are insecure overachievers!"). Was fun-omenal :)

Checked out this play "Heads ya Tails" starring Nandita Das and Sushant Singh. Coming in the immediate wake of light-hearted attempts to enliven the Mumbai theater scene by the hilarious Boman Irani ("I'm not Bajirao") and Rahul da Cunha ("Class of 84", "Pune Highway"), this one turned out to be ultimately serious and profound. Too heavy metal for moi :(

Met DK, she was back from Nagpur for the weekend. Seems like she's actually falling for GSS, and, more importantly, vice versa. Bingo! Notch up another hit for the most successful matchmaker since shaadi dot com. All you unmarrieds and thrice innocent divorcees, pass on your CVs to moi and rest assured in the knowledge that your fate is irrevocably ruined.

Tried out Mini Punjab (their Fish Malwani is yummy) and Zaika (you must go for their Zaika Special Kebab). Both rate a 4/5 on food, though the service and ambience is eminently forgettable.

There's this Mocha Backpackers' Club which I'm gonna join this coming weekend. They have weekly gyan sessions for trekkers and they also organize treks, something most useful for disorganized trek afficionados like moi. Anyone else game?

Wanted to watch Dhoom or Phir Milenge (no, not Kyon ... Ho Gaya Na, heard the storyline's rotten, though how any mortal can focus on the storyline while Ash is on screen is ash-ually beyond my comprehension) with with the gang last nite. Discovered to everlasting regret that both are houseful until next weekend. So slept off early instead. Ho hum. Guten nacht.


So India's 66th at Athens 2004, and last in the world in terms of medals per capita. And had Michael Phelps been a country, he'd have been 16th in country rankings. Cool.

NG goes, "It's an ingrained cultural thingie. We're taught from birth upwards to be non-aggro and polite and let the other guy win." Then he's stumped when we mention Chinese Taipei, which is a Buddhist country -- who can be more non-aggro than that? -- and still wins medals every Olympics.

Still, the scorecard isn't too bad. Lee-Hesh a fighting fourth. Anju Bobby George coming close. Shobha setting a new record for bravery.

Hey, we did win more medals than most of our neighbors. And we do tend to excel in an atmosphere of mediocrity. So not all is lost. Hail SAARC Games ...


Then there was this spoilt-son-of-rich-dad who runs out of pocket money on campus. So he writes to daddy:

"No mon. No fun. Your son."

Shoots back daddy:

"Too bad. So sad. Your dad."

Bwahahahaha ... daddy's da dude :)) Thanks XLRI Class of '74 for providing this snippet from your archives :)


The Junkees seem to be invading Blogland with a vengeance, enmeshing the gossamer fabric of virtual reality with words calculated to flit like the proverbial butterfly and sting like the Queen bee. May the Seenu-Khandu-Suka troika flourish and prosper.


Project Oaks is running along nicely, thank you very much. Six members so far, all involuntary of course. May the tribe increase.

Sugar-coated dreams to ya all :)

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