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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Investment Opportunity

Dear Blogistanis and Bloglings,

Gah is back! And with a hugely egotistical cannot-miss offer!!!

This is your chance to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime Golden Investment Opportunity. Even if you are a risk-averse individual and refrain from investing in stocks, or even in the lower-risk mutual funds or bonds, you would simply love to invest in this NEGATIVE-RISK, GUARANTEED-HIGH-RETURNS scheme!!!!

1. Issue of units of autographs of Shri Gahji (future NYSE code GAH420)
2. Issue date: 1st Dec 2004
3. Issue modality: First Come First Serve. Offer valid until stocks last. So hurry!!!
4. Issue value at par: Each autograph of GAH420 (hereinafter referred to as "Unit") comes at Book Value of Rs. 20/- per unit
5. Our guarantee: Value of each autograph will escalate to Rs. 2,000 (an appreciation of 9,900%) by AD 2009. Value derived using Fundamental and Technical Analyses reveals it is a Superstar Stock.
5. How to apply: Send in DD / Cheque (non-refundable and non-bouncing) or Cash (liquidity is always preferred) to Gahji, addressed to his wallet or bank account. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. We will post Gahji's esteemed autographs to you in this envelope.

So hurry!!! Sell your shoddy clothes, mortgage your measly homes, collect the money ASAP, and rush to book your units!!!

Aapka sadaiv


Future President, World Ban(k)

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