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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Some this and some that

Went out for dinner to three different joints last night. And what do we gorge ourselves on? Pani puri, sev batata puri, channa patties, cheese pav bhaji and paneer butter masala dosa. MmmmMmm. Fun-tastic. Talk of berserk binging. Why is it that hi-cholesterolic living is invariably so much fun?


Then there was this bus ride I had today morning. Two ladies were trying to get off as a particular station approached. Their way was barricaded by a chubby man.

Ladies: "Bhai sahib, hume utarna hai."
Chubby dude: "Ruko, abhi stop nahin aaya hai."
Lady 1: Pokes chubby dude in tummy with umbrella
Chubby dude: "Ouch !!!"
Lady 2: Shoves chubby dude with all her might
Chubby dude: Goes flying off the bus. Sprints rapidly in direction of bus, and hence avoids falling splat on ground and becoming gooey kablooie ketchup.

Boy, talk of impatient Amazons !!! At least the chubby guy got some exercise.


Just yesterday, one of the senior people in our office, while speaking to a vendor, goes "Don't fly my humour". We're all like, duh? Then one bright spark decodes it -- "Mera mazaak mat udhaao." Lololol :)) Talk of lingua hinglishica.


Some befuddling questions (in decreasing order of seriousness):
  1. How can Kerry possibly lose the forthcoming elections to Bush? Are over 50% Yankees totally insane???
  2. Is it right to give alms to a beggar who is young and healthy and obviously fit enough to work for a living?
  3. Mumbai hasn't witnessed any rains for ten days now. Neither has winter commenced. The sun is shining. And India doesn't have any concept of Autumn. So what in the Met department's holy name is this season we're having???
  4. Do our virtual friends truly exist? Or is it all a plan by a higher intelligence to conquer Terra Firma and enslave our rotting souls???
  5. Does the JJ in JJ Shobha stand for "Jimmi Janum"???

Any answers?

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