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Monday, September 06, 2004

The Weekend That Was, WWW and Animalspeak

Another good Mumbai-centric weekend.

Saturday being an off, lunch was a very "prawny" affair at Sahibaan. Saw Fida in the evening. Quite a Hitchcockian movie, though weak in parts, especially when Shahid woos Kareena in such an unrealistic manner, and the oh-too-frequent bits where the protagonist and antagonist lose it and start bashing each other up. Ken Ghosh looks all set to be the answer to Ram Gopal Verma's mindspace monopoly (is he Ramu's protege btw?), but to have the same panache as Ramu, he needs to focus on subtlety rather than the crudeness that kept cropping up in parts. The movie's pretty good nonetheless.

Went to Chand Sports to buy some dumbbells to chisel my biceps. (Yes people, don't laugh 'cos it's true.) But they were out of stock. Sigh. Now all ye people know who to blame if I don't resemble Guv'nor Schwarznegger -- Chand Sports. Talk of them getting negative word-of-blog publicity.

Stopped at Mocha's to get info about their Backpackers' Club. Alas, the only brochures they had was of their Dog Lovers' Club. Took home some copies, at least the dog photos were sweet.

Sunday morning was our monthly visiting day. Mum and moi visited Majlee dadi, the B's, and KCK. By lunchtime, moi was so stuffed to the gills with snacks that reluctantly decided to skip lunch and take a consolatory nap instead.

After a Panipuri-and-Frankie-roll stopover on Linking Road, the gang went to the play "Uncle Samjha Karo" on Sunday evening. It was mindblowingly hilarious !! We just couldn't stop rolling around in our seats throughout the admittedly longish 200-minute performance. The script by Dinyar Contractor is rib-tickling and Paritosh Painter's direction is superb. Highly recommended.

FF is coming down from the US today evening, hopefully with bagfuls of chocolates. Luckily tomorrow's a holiday, so can spend time with the family.

Nsoi :)


It's been vindicated by History. Ever since Eve enticed Adam into nibbling at a healthy snack, ever since Cleopatra's nose launched a thousand Roman Galleons, ever since Queen Marie Antonette wanted to nourish her poor French peasants with cake, we men have always wondered WWW (What Women Want). Rather, most of the time we're going, WDHDTDAFWRWAA (What Da Heck Do These Dopey And Freaky Women Really Want After All) ? Come to think of it, the same question holds for cats too. As in, "What Do Cats Think?"

So here's the thought processes behind the WDHDTDAFWRWAA theory ...

Dogs think: Men give us food and water. They give us shelter and security. They give us love and care. Truly, Men are Gods.

Cats think: Men give us food and water. They give us shelter and security. They give us love and care. Truly, we Cats are Gods !!!!

Women think: Cats and Women will always do just what they want. Dogs and Men had better just get used to it !!!!

Men think: It's cool. I love all the three aforementioned species nonetheless ...

So who's the best of the lot? My vote goes to Dogs and Men. Any homicidal MCPs out there supporting me??? :)

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