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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What Should X Do?

X meets Y for the first time and extends a hand of friendship.

X: Hi, I'm X, can we be friends?
Y: Sure! I'm Y.
X: Nice to meet you Y :)
Y: On second thoughts, let's not be friends.
X (hurt and confused): May I know why?
Y: I don't think I like you.
X: But you hardly even know me. I know we'll get along famously if you give me a chance.
Y: I know we will, but I don't feel like giving you a chance.

Now X knows that good friendships are hard to come by, and he feels this can be a great friendship, so he's not willing to terminate this new friendship so easily.

At the same time, X feels friendship cannot be forced, it has to come from within, and if Y doesn't feel a mutual pull towards X, then it's not fair for X to force his friendship on Y.

So X is in a quandary -- should he press ahead or respect Y's decision as final?

Any answers?

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