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Friday, October 01, 2004

Dead Poets' Society

Today the monsoon sky is thundering,
And here I am sitting and wondering
About our generation's poetic lore ...
About why poems don't rhyme any more!

So very frequently I happen to see
Such transcendingly lovely poetry.
But alas, they very rarely rhyme -
Out of fashion? Or plain lack of time?

And then think I,
"Let ME show 'em!
Why don't I try
To write a poem?"

A couple of couplets I have done;
But can I do long poems too?
That would indeed be something fun ...
And that's how this nutty idea grew!

It was most probably lack of sleep
That helped me take the final call!
Or was it a desire to watch you weep?
Mayhap I wanted to hear you bawl?

So yelled I, "Let's do it, I say!"
And valiantly but most unwisely
Proceeded with my maiden foray
Into the Garden of Rhyming Poetry ...

They say poets should possess
Sensitivity of soul and temperament.
Alas! Herein I have no success -
Insensitivity's my First Commandment!

Wordsworth wrote about daffodils;
He wrote magnificently indeed, forsooth.
I of course can't write with frills ...
Can't write at all, and that's the truth!

I'm no Yeats or Wordsworth,
I'm no Keats or Byron.
They were poets from birth
While I'm a poetic moron!

Out of thin air, many a poem they spun
But heck, I'm not even their great grandson!
And I haven't inherited their poetic baton
Else maybe I'd have found rhyming to be fun ...

I don't know what's worse;
My sense of poetic timing,
My Metre or my Verse
Or my unrhythmic rhyming!

This then is my twopence, don't kill me for it;
In the vast Ocean of Poetry, here is my teensy bit!
So that's what this poem is all about this time,
Just some words dressed up and made to rhyme ...

~ Lord Suhail Tennyson :)

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